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When it comes to handling legal documents, there is no room for error.  At Parker Notary, we operate on this philosophy and make sure all details are checked and confirmed at every turn.

Our staff is dedicated to helping those in the Kansas City Metro area with any and all notarization needs. We are highly trained and well versed in all types of notary services and will work alongside clients to ensure the proper completion of all documents, forms and contracts. We can handle everything from personal passports and auto titles to business tax compliance and I-9s.  No matter how minimal or extensive your notary needs may be, we’re here to take care of them.

We have a history of loyal, satisfied customers who understand the value of professional notarization in a busy world. Our clients include families, homeowners, legal firms, health care providers, financial lenders and institutions, mortgage brokers, businesses, and all levels of government. Call us today, and we’ll answer any questions you may have regarding your need for a legal notary.

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P O Box 314, Independence, MO 64051 Hours of Operation: By appointment only

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Call us 816.392.9887 



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